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Sep 12

Yikes! Luciano Fabro sculpture smashed to bits

'Impronta' in rests in pieces.

Luciano Fabro’s ‘Impronta’ created as a testment to the durability of the planet Earth was not up to a tipsy visitor. A Swiss journalist described as ‘Mr. Bean’ knocked the sculpture from its perch, becoming the news he was supposed to report.

A Luciano Fabro sculpture created as a testament to the durability of the planet Earth was not up to a tipsy visitor.

During Saturday evening at the Meno Uno gallery in Lugano, Switzerland, 30 guests gathered to tuck into canapes and free drinks and to see history be made.

Or unmade.

It was reported the guest was a Swiss journalist who has been given the delightful nickname of ‘Mr. Bean’.

‘Impronta’ was considered a ‘priceless’ work of art, but the value of 30 million pounds sterling, has been reported.

As one of the aforementioned guests, slightly less nimble on his feet, knocked the Fabro from its perch and landed on the floor. The opaque glass disk bearing an imprint of the Earth, smashed on the floor.

Radio Switzerland (RSI), reported:

“Caught between a canapĂ© and a chat with someone, unfortunately knocked over a work by Luciano Fabro and smashed it to pieces. It is, or rather, it was, the famous Impronta (Imprint) dated 1962-1964”.

Fabro died in 2007 at the age of 71. He was an Italian sculptor and conceptional artist and associated with the Arte Povera movement, which is based in Italy. Arte Povera means ‘poor art’ and flourished in the 1960s.