Dec 09

Whether you’re a botanist or prime minister, math is hard

Let’s face it, math is hard. Barbie and Christopher Walken (as the befuddled apartment dweller in the SNL census sketch) are right. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government are getting slagged for their arithmeticatical acumen for the F-35 handling. Maybe, like Walken he’s ‘not really good at math’. How much will the F-35s …

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Dec 05

2012 banner year for senate reform

It’s been a banner year for supporters of senate reform. In fact, it almost appears Prime Minister Stephen Harper has handpicked some of his appointments to underline the need for reform in Canada’s chamber of sober second thought, something Harper has ardently supported for a long time. (The need for reform, not the chamber itself.) …

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Dec 05

Senator Mike Duffy defends senate against critics of expenses

Mike Duffy appears in this youtube video, exasperated at the criticism of senator spending.

Nov 28

The F 35 fighter probably seemed like good idea, so did the ADATS

You know, the F-35 fighter probably seemed like a good idea at the time, for Canada. The current Canadian Conservative federal government is wrestling with the challenge of replacing the Canadian CF-18 fighter. It’s a twin engine plane, something considered important for survival as it patrols the vast emptiness of the Canadian north and the …

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Nov 27

2012 museum heist involved ‘major league’ villain: retired cop

Are  ‘major league’ villains involved with a 2012 art and museum heists? A retired Scotland Yard detective thinks such a villain may be involved in at least one large theft, and he’s faced some of the best. Maybe we should call Spider Man! What a year and  2012 is not even over and museums all …

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Nov 26

A hot idea for consideration during old style winter

We’re back to the old style winter model this year say climatologists and here is a hot idea to consider. The far north east, a dot in the central continental America and a smattering in the west will be warmer than usual but most of North America will be back to the regular winter and …

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Nov 20

Brotherly love and, well, Canada and the U.S.A.’s complicated relationship

The weird relationship between Canada and the United States often seems like something between two brothers. The concept of brotherly love is part of Canada and the U.S.A.’s complicated relationship. Most of the time it’s fairly friendly. Sometimes there’s a cautious and covetous eye cast over the other’s things. Sometimes a punch is thrown but …

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Nov 14

An allergy is something to sniff at…

North of Toronto, Ontario, a mother is fighting to have oak trees removed from a park next to where her daughter goes to school because of an allergy concern.. The Vaughan mother is worried the acorns from the trees could come into contact with her daughter, who is in Grade 8, and cause her to …

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Nov 11

Sometimes teamwork is an individual effort

On November 11, we remember the sacrifices of the men and women who worked to preserve our freedom and way of life in our armed forces. Everyone who contributed was a hero in a way, but of course, there are stories more compelling than others. In any battle, events are often turned by the actions …

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Nov 10

Dickishness is nothing new in politics

It’s nothing new. Our politicians, no matter what country, often leave office reviled. And so boring old Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, is getting a new leader. Dalton McGuinty, the provincial premier announced he was stepping down, opening the door for the Liberal party leadership position and the Premier’s chair that goes with it – …

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