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Tom off Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


War of 1812 series from Historylab’s Tom Villemaire ran nationally in Sun newspapers

History of Humanity in Huronia wins national newspaper award

Recently QMI in Canada ran a series of articles by Historylab’s Tom Villemaire in its papers across Canada. The series featured 12 profiles of people involved in the War of 1812.
Illustrated by Keith Milne with colouring by Gord Cathcart, each piece can been seen online at Sun Media of QMI with such papers as the Barrie Examiner, the Ottawa Sun, the Toronto Sun, the Calgary Sun and the Edmonton Sun. Here’s a link to the Barrie Examiner:

Last year, Villemaire created and cowrote a project for Sun Media’s Midland Free Press that won a national newspaper award this spring. The online version of the project, The History of Humanity in Huronia can be seen here:

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